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Virginia Tech Campus Information Technology

The Computing Center provides information processing services for the campus, as well as administering computer labs for student use. The Computing Center houses servers - from PC to mainframe - for various tasks. These servers include systems by IBM, DEC, Sun, and SGI. Also available for research use are varied systems including a Sun Enterprise 6500 with 17 processors. IBM has donated a substantial amount of IBM hardware for research use at Virginia Tech, including a Digital Linear Tape based hierarchical storage facility. Virginia Tech boasts a rich network infrastructure. The campus backbone serves over 15,000 desktops in campus building LANs.

Virginia Tech plays a key role in Network Virginia (, a mature statewide network. This provides high-bandwidth connectivity to Virginia Tech's geographically scattered campus. It is able to support multimedia-intense activities such as video teleconferencing.

Virginia Tech also manages the Virginia gigaPOP providing access for Research I institutions throughout the mid-Atlantic region to next generation networks including Internet2's Project Abilene Network, the Department of Energy's ESnet, and the National Science Foundation's vBNS network. Campus network users all have access to these resources currently. Virginia Tech is a charter member of the Internet2 ( initiative and provided leadership in the MidAtlantic Crossroads (MAX) initiative (see Current focus is on the National LambdaRail (NLR,

Virginia Tech is also an active participant in wireless networking technologies. Its Center for Wireless Telecommunications ( obtained licenses to operate in the 1150-MHz wireless spectrum in the Greater Roanoke, Danville, Martinsville and Kingsport-Johnson City market areas, as part of the FCC's first Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) auction. This allows Virginia Tech to forge ahead in its LMDS research efforts (